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About Us

Kelly grew up in Nova Scotia, with strong ties to Newfoundland. Naturally, she is inspired by the Atlantic coast. The smell of the fresh air, the breeze off the water, the sound of the waves is her happy place. Kelly's other happy place is in her studio – designing and creating something by hand. Her love of sewing comes from her grandmother.

Kelly started Coastal Ties to create 'menswear' apparel for all genders after her frustrations of trying to shop in the traditional big box stores. 

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Partners in life and business, Kelly & Ashley have a fondness for all things creative & East Coast Inspired


Ashley, also born and raised in NS, lends her creative side to Coastal Ties in the design department, as well as hand crafting bow ties!

She also has a passion for wood working that was passed down through the generations of her family. Her Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and now her - all avid woodturners. Her Great-Grandfather turned sail boat masts for large vessels right here in Nova Scotia.

Ashley has a true appreciation for wood working and craftsmanship, she can spend hours in a wood shop picking out the perfect piece of wood for a project!  

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